A Snippet/Article for Teachers

Some ideas about getting started for all of those who will be doing so very soon. Keep two important things in mind when reading this article and writing rules you must live with for an academic year.

1. Have an official means of amending the rules. If the Constitution has that clause, so should a classroom.

2. The best idea (and quote) from this article is “You’re shooting for influence, not control.” This is akin to NBA Commissioner David Stern, who once fired a referee for over-reacting to an argument with Tim Howard. In an interview about it, Stern said the purpose of the referees was “game management.”

3. Remember when setting rules that the operative activity in the classroom is not teaching; rather, that key activity is learning. The purpose of the rules? Helping students learn.

Otherwise, it’s just a power game. Usually, a teacher will lose those.

Who Makes the Rules in a Classroom? Seven Ideas about Rule-making. – Teacher in a Strange Land – Education Week Teacher.



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