Ahead and Behind

Here are two things I say quite often these days:

  1. I used to be somebody.
  2. The older I get, the better I used to be.

I’ve managed to end up in the recesses of the public eye (comparatively), choosing to foster the genius of this world rather than try to be that genius. That genius comes from my work, from my marriage, and from my kids.

When I was building my reputation about a decade and a half ago, I used technology heavily. There are people now being paid handsomely and lauded for things I was doing in 1999. These people are “visionaries.” I was just creative…with the exception that I never capitalized and created “Henley University” or anything. I was isolated. Technology helped. Some kids in Singapore are probably still mad at the way I judged their website, but looking back, I may have saved some future developers’ careers. Now, that contest is being judged by multi-millionaires with names I recognize.

The fact was that in 1999, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities of technology…and more than a little frustrated with some of the boneheads in it. To this day, I do not understand how some people in technology continue to make a living, knowing less than my kids do. Still, I directed my focus elsewhere–choosing to focus on people and only using that technology which was necessary at the time to help them. That effort landed me at a job where I didn’t need technology so much.

Then, I got a little behind. It’s not that bad, really. Still, I’m frustrated that I have failed to harness the power of technology by getting bogged down in the stupid (keep reading–not sure I’ve improved anything). In my work to “keep up” with events of importance, I’ve made too many things important (and forgotten a password or two). That means that when one of my very favorite authors tweets that he will be in the Austin area, I may miss it while focusing on other things. That just happened. Justin Halpern (“Sh*t My Dad Says”) came to promote his new book. Let me just say that readers of this blog may want to hit that link and read the opening chapter on Scribd (see? not that far behind).

Getting in trouble for laughing too hard is kind of a goal, right?

Here was a tool (Twitter) that was trying to tell me how to really, really enjoy a night two weeks ago. I was busy doing something less meaningful. Probably playing Bejewelled. I’ve also missed Austin City Limits taping announcements and other “important” events through this “other” focus.

Bummed that I missed out, I decided to try to keep up with YouTube. A guy should know about things like the Honey Badger–you know, for conversation and all. That’s when I realized that I may be alright.

Getting stuck in the political world is a good reason to leave a job. I don’t miss that. My life was stuck in this mire in 2008, when Barack Obama harnessed youth and technology to out-fundraise everyone from Hillary Clinton to the entire Republican Party. The messages got annoying, and I’m ready to block texts from “622-62” from my iPhone. Still, I do scan headlines online and at the convenience store. Also, I am surrounded by “illegals,” including friends and friends of my kids. Apparently, it is time for Barack Obama to shore up the Hispanic vote. He’s starting to act like Candidate Obama again.

During his announcement in the Rose Garden, a reporter blurted out an attack question. The “liberal media” never seemed to do this 5 years ago. Except for some guy in Iraq who was throwing shoes at our president. Ugh. It was one of the most watched videos of the day. What was more interesting to me was the trail of comments, which is crossing the 7000 mark as I write this. A few examples:

and this is what we get for letting a monkey become president…..


Voluminous and powerful insight came from my new political guru, GOP 2010. The Republican Party must be so proud:


Obama plops 800K illegals in the system while unemp for minority teen citizens: Hispanic 30.5%, Black 40.5%

Obama joins Mexican Govt criticizing our own state, AZ

Obama raises Military h/c premiums 345% by year 5 but builds Gitmo detainees $750K soccer field

Obama promotes taxpayer-susdzd branch of ACORN, Project Vote, yet sues FL for purging illegal voters

Obama denied FEMA $ to CT flood victims then sends Muslim nations billions to “enhance technology”


–and a caveat comment from this same commenter:

If you ever want to succeed in life, you may want to learn what punctuation is, dipshit. 2010GOP

And let’s not miss the other meaningful side of the discussion:

I bet Mexican would take over off all u motherfuckers white people for being bitchass rasist FifaBeast247


Fuck whoever is against Obama you racist, eloquent, ignorant fucks. I’m voting for Obama again 🙂 chingas49 *[Note the smiley!]

Guess I’m not so far off the curve.

Wait. These people don’t actually vote, do they?

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