Teach for America, Inc. will collect $55,000 for each Ohio teacher

Photo from http://verenettawarner.com/secret-santa-gift-gift-giving-month-month/santa-money-2/Teach for America, Inc. will collect $55,000 for each Ohio teacher.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote on Friday that Teach for America will receive more than $2 million to bring their corps members to Northeast Ohio schools next fall. The funding will come from the Cleveland, George Gund, Nord and Stocker foundations, along with a contribution from the Lennon Trust,…

Thanks to Dr. Michelle Winship for this, though I wish she would be riding Harley-Davidsons instead of reading things that jack up blood pressure. I wonder how many unemployed Ohio teachers have read this piece, published four days before Christmas on the year they lost their job due to budget cuts.


There is HUGE money to be made in education, still. You just have to pull stunts like this.  While field trips are right-out due to funding cuts, the education community always seems to have all kinds of cash for the pet projects.

Anyone want to partner with me to start a charter school/think tank/teacher certification/education enrichment one-stop service center for inner-city kids that involves them doing custodial work and lots of computer time?

My “latent period” is half over, just in time for the election season. Somebody get me Newt Gingrich on the phone (“Nowlej for Newt”) or maybe Mitt Romney (“Romney’s Real-Good Reeders”). Of course, none of this could be possible without the over $100,000,000 in campaign contributions from the National Education Association to Barack Obama’s campaigns (“Boneheads for Barack”)

Sell out. “It’s for the children.”

Well, “those” children, anyway…

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