Back in the Day…

Sometimes you need to look back a little to understand just how forward we all are. I once read an article in The Onion, where I get all my news, that spoke about Google renaming itself “The Google” to appeal to the aged. It’s all well and good to make fun of older folk for not fully understanding the web, and I become frustrated when people get downright angry about having to deal with all this “technology” stuff.

That’s where this video comes in.

Picture yourself on the set of Lou Grant, which depicted life at a major Los Angeles newspaper in the 70’s. What was it like…doing all of this by hand? You begin to wonder how they pulled anything off, at all! Of course, technology just replaces people in this case, and thousands have lost jobs to computers in every major work sector. Still, it’s good to take a step back and see where we were. We’re trying to decide whether to jump from Facebook to Google +. At one point, there was a jump from a typewriter to a computer that seems laughable by today’s standards. Check it out. Props to UCF for exposing journalism students to their past–directly.


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