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Something to Consider During the Holiday

TSTA is off the next couple of weeks. I’m posting twice today. The post below is standard format. Can’t give Michelle Rhee the holiday off, not after this new attack.  This post is going to be less standard. You see, … Continue reading

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Teachers Last ≠ Kids First

Leave it to Michelle Rhee to find yet another way to mistreat teachers. Publicly. She got sacked in Washington, DC because she mistreated people. What do you do? You start a think-tank-advocacy-group-focus-on-education-make-me-money foundation. And pretend it’s not about you. They’ve … Continue reading

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An International Perspective

  On Monday, the results of the triennial Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). As expected, the United States finished somewhere in the middle. This is unacceptable, as we have always had the highest scores (untrue). Education “experts” from both … Continue reading

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